The BEPA HOME agency represents the PERRINE collections in France and distributes them through
the country.

© Jean Picon

Pascal, can you introduce yourself?

Hello, I am Pascal Tigier, founder of the BEPA HOME agency. After various sales positions ranging from fashion to decoration and leather goods, I have been a multi-brand agent in the decoration field for 10 years.

If you had to choose 3 words to describe yourself, what would they be?

Curious, relational, independent.

Tell us about your first textile memory?

My first memory goes back to childhood. From a very young age I went to my father's workshop who had a saddlery and upholstery business. He introduced me to the world of textiles and crafts, and I never left! I very quickly fell under the spell of the beauty of the gesture, which I find today at PERRINE.

What subject inspires you the most? And what is your favorite association?

Linen inspires me, especially associated with jute. These are raw and natural materials which, finely worked, give life to an elegant textile.

What is your favorite PERRINE product?

The AXEL fabric, more particularly in the TOBACCO color.


Handmade linen and silk fabric.

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The COUTURIER CALPAS rug is also dear to me. A crush on the COUTURIER reference led me to discuss customization with the creative teams at Studio PERRINE. The COUTURIER CALPAS rug, an anagram of my first name, to symbolize our lasting partnership.

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