Architects and decorators are the privileged partners of PERRINE.

Discover a selection of projects below.

  • Interior designer : Atelier Du Pont

    Son Blanc Farmhouse project - Creation of a special order textile piece.

    © Maria Missaglia

Interior designer : Atelier AM

Curtains made with our AGATE fabric.

© François Halard

Interior designer: Mike Rupp

Creation of bespoke mohair cushions .

© Stephen Kent Johnson

Interior designer: Atelier AM

Creation of a custom-made fabric for the armchair on the right.

© Francois Halard

Interior designer: Atelier AM

Realization of curtains with our RAIES BLANCHES  fabric.

© Francois Halard

Interior designer: Juniper Tedhams

Upholstery of the sofa with our BENSON fabric.

© Shade Degges

Interior designer: Atelier AM

Upholstery of armchairs with our BAGALI NATURAL fabric.

© Stephen Kent Johnson

Interior designer: Atelier AM

Custom-made fabric for the chair on the left.

© Francois Halard

  • Interior designer: Charles Zana

    Headboard made for the Hôtel Crillon Le Brave, with our AXEL TERRACOTTA fabric.

    © Mr Tripper

  • Wareco Showroom, Atlanta

    Handwoven rug DUNES .

    © Cooper Ware

Interior designer: Christina Cole

Upholstery of a bench seat with our STRATES fabric.

© Lindsey Brown

  • Interior designer: Ashe Leandro

    AJANTA handmade rug.

    © Stephen Kent Johnson

  • Interior designer: Juniper Tedhams

    Realization of a tailor-made blanket.

    © Shade Degges