The PERRINE Design Studio, located in rue des Couronnes in Paris, creates luxury textiles, made to measure and handmade on traditional looms.
The atmosphere of the studio, set to the rhythm of looms or the whisper of shuttles and nourished by the scent of natural fibres, summons the senses and perpetuates the history of artisanal weaving.

Studio PERRINE was born from the passion for textile design of its founder, Perrine Rousseau, and her desire to promote artisanal excellence.
She travels to many other countries in Asia and Africa, where she spends time with craftsmen and initiates projects in collaboration with them, with the ever-growing desire to discover the riches of these countries full of artisanal knowledge and ancestral know-how.

In 2006, Perrine Rousseau founded the House of Creation and Edition of Handmade Luxury Textiles PERRINE, of which she still ensures the style today.



    PERRINE collaborates with its Indian workshops in order to offer the best quality of weaving, using unique know-how and techniques, as close as possible to the raw materials.


    PERRINE places creativity at the heart of its activity. All the collections are imagined by Perrine Rousseau in her Parisian design studio, then developed with the enthusiasm and talent of her team.


    PERRINE's ecological commitment is illustrated by a selection of noble and natural materials that respect the environment. Each of them is carefully selected from qualified and committed producers.


    PERRINE is also part of an eco-responsible approach by producing its textiles to order, thus avoiding any overproduction.


    In order to meet the needs of its customers, PERRINE offers a tailor-made creation service. Thus each of its references can be personalized: colors, weaves, materials, density, etc.

    In the context of more complex projects, the creative teams of Studio PERRINE are at the service of the most singular ideas, to give life to unique special orders.



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